Thermal Dispersion Instrumentation

Thermal dispersion flow meters and flow switches are two types of instrumentation used to monitor fluids and gases. These mechanical and electronic flow instruments are easy to operate and offer versatility for use in a range of applications.

Some of the typical applications for thermal dispersion flow switches and flow meters include:

  • Food and beverage
  • HVAC
  • Hydroelectric plants
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Marine

Thermal Flow Switches for Gas and Fluid Measurement Applications

Branom Instrument Co. offers thermal dispersion flowmeters, flow-switches, and other flow instrumentation from trusted manufacturers such as TURCK and Eldridge Products. Select from several designs and probe lengths to meet a range of installation requirements.

Highly sensitive thermal flowmeters and flow switches deliver exceptional accuracy and have no moving parts, which reduces wear, jamming, and maintenance. Additional advantages include:

  • Long operating life

  • Minimized risk of leaks and failure

  • Omni-directional

  • Low-pressure drop

  • Easy installation, even in complex locations

  • Compatible with corrosive and hazardous substances

Thermal Dispersion Flowmeters

Thermal dispersion flowmeters, also called mass flow meters, feature no moving parts and are designed for insertion in a process fluid or gas. This style of flowmeter is typically used to measure liquid flow in pipes and ducts, though they can also measure the mass flow rate of air and gas.

Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches

Thermal dispersion flow switches are electromechanical devices that use the principle of heat transfer to monitor flow and no-flow rates of liquids and gases. Thermal dispersion flow switches accommodate varying pipe configurations and sizes for use in general flow monitoring applications.

Learn More About Our Selection of Thermal Dispersion Instrumentation

We supply thermal flow instrumentation in a variety of styles and options to accommodate a wide range of industrial applications. Our team has decades of process instrumentation experience and works with customers across numerous industries.

Branom also provides Technical Services, including instrument flow switch calibration, repair, and maintenance. Contact us to discuss your thermal flow switch options.

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