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Liquid Analytical Assemblies

Proper sensor function requires installation using the right equipment. Analytical assemblies come in different styles to secure and correctly position your sensors for optimal performance. Whether you need to mount your sensors in a pipeline or immersed in a tank or collection pool, there’s a solution that fits your requirements.

Installation Solutions for Liquid Analytics Sensors

Branom works with trusted brand names to provide high-quality process instrumentation for all applications. We source a wide selection of liquid analytical assemblies from manufacturers including Thermo Fisher Scientific, KROHNE, and Van London Co. Our team is here to answer all your questions and help you find the best solution for your monitoring needs.  We also offer technical support and service to assist with installation, either on-site in the Pacific Northwest or over the phone.

Types of liquid analytics assemblies we can provide include:

  • Insertion Assemblies: Select from assemblies in several insertion lengths with threaded or sanitary connection styles. These liquid analytical assemblies are compatible with all sanitary and non-sanitary fluid monitoring applications.
  • Immersion Assemblies: Use these liquid analytics assemblies in general, wastewater, or chemical applications involving open channels or tanks. Select from different immersion lengths and designs to meet your needs.
  • Automatic Retractable Assemblies: Pneumatically driven assemblies with an integrated limit switch used to install process analytics sensors. Select from styles designed for sanitary or non-sanitary applications.
  • Manual Retractable Assemblies: These assemblies feature flexible insertion lengths and come in several process connection styles to install liquid analytics sensors in chemical, water treatment, food and beverage, and sanitary applications.
  • Flow-Through Assemblies: Designed for installing sensors and assemblies into pipes. Select from several configurations and materials for chemical, water treatment, and wastewater applications.
  • Mounting Assemblies: Use these stainless-steel components to weld your liquid analytical assemblies into pipes and tanks.

We Offer Liquid Analytical Assemblies and More to Meet Your Process Monitoring Needs

Our goal is to provide a wide variety of high-quality liquid analytics instrumentation to meet your needs. Contact us with your specifications to discuss your unique requirements.

Thermo Orion Inc.
1.5” ball valve, CPVC, high pressure


1,920.00 1920.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Thermo Orion Inc.
1.5” ball valve, 316 SS, high pressure


6,870.00 6870.0 USD
On Hand: 0
2,570.00 2570.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Thermo Orion Inc.
1.5” ball valve, CPVC, low pressure


1,700.00 1700.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Thermo Orion Inc.
Wash Head, PVC


655.00 655.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Thermo Orion Inc.
Air Purge Assembly for RDO Sensor, CPVC


555.00 555.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Marsh Bellofram Corporation
Marsh MA14, 50 Micron Filter, 3/8" NPT, Manual Drain


29.26 29.26 USD
On Hand: 0
1,250.00 1250.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Thermo Orion Inc.
Wash Head System w/Air Compressor


3,140.00 3140.0 USD
On Hand: 0
575.00 575.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Marsh Bellofram Corporation
Filter Regulator 1/2" NPT


110.93 110.93 USD
On Hand: 0