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Pressure Controllers

Pressure controllers, or pressure regulators, are mechanical or electronic devices that reduce inlet pressure to maintain a lower outlet pressure and match flow demand. These devices deliver high accuracy, making them ideal for calibration and control applications in laboratories and manufacturing facilities.  Pressure controllers are compatible with gas, compressed air, and various process fluids. 

Pressure Controllers for Improved Flow Control 

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor of pressure controllers and other instrumentation from manufacturers, including Tescom, Marsh, Bellofram, Krohne, Red Lion, and Barksdale. Our inventory includes a variety of pressure control instrumentation designed for demanding applications, including:  

  • Back Pressure Regulators: These regulators help maintain a system’s predefined inlet pressure and use spring-loaded action to open the regulator and relieve excess pressure. 

  • Pressure Reducing Regulators: Use these regulators to maintain the set point of downstream pressure for compressors and similar equipment. These regulators feature an adjustable knob that allows you to adjust and stabilize air pressure. 

  • Vacuum Regulators:  Maintain a precise level of vacuum in a closed system with this regulator  

  • Double Port Pressure Regulators:  This type of pressure controller creates a dampening effect to maintain set pressure, even with large fluctuations in inlet pressure.   

Learn More About Pressure Control Solutions from Branom 

We carry an extensive inventory of pressure instrumentation and have the expertise to help you select the best products for your application. 

Contact us to discuss pressure controllers and accessories.

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Series DCT600 Timer Controller


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