Flow Indicators

Flow indicators, also called sight flow indicators, install in process pipes and allow the visual verification of flow. This style of flow meter does not have electronic sensing elements and therefore requires a human operator. Use flow indicators to monitor flow through a pipeline or inspect fluids for color or clarity.  

Examples of typical applications for sight flow indicators include:

  • Food & Beverage

  • HVAC

  • Industrial

  • Marine

  • Medical

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Pharmaceutical

Industrial Sight Flow Indicators for Process Fluid Monitoring

Branon Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor of industrial flow instrumentation from trusted manufacturers. Our inventory includes flow indicators from GemsWIKA, and Dwyer. Available styles include 360-degree view flow indicators and view-through flow indicators with a variety of mounting options and connection styles.

  • 360-Degree (Full View) Flow Indicators: Have a cylindrical shape to provide a view from all angles and works well in low-pressure process fluid systems.
  • View-Through Flow Indicators: Features two opposing windows to provide backlighting while viewing process fluids. Useful in a range of applications, including those involving high temperatures and harsh substances.

Considerations in selecting a sight flow indicator include pressure/temperature limitations and requirements, connection size, mounting style, and flow indicator function. Our team has extensive flow instrumentation experience and will source the best solution for your measurement application.

Request a Quote for Liquid Flow Indicators

Our goal is to provide customers with a wide variety of high-quality flow indicators and other instrumentation to meet your needs. In addition to providing instrumentation solutions, Branom offers calibration, maintenance, and other services for your equipment.

Request a quote for sight flow instrumentation or contact us to learn more about our inventory.

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