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Instrumentation is the process of controlling, measuring and analyzing physical quantities using various types of interconnected process control instruments. Various types of instrumentation are used to measure variables including temperature, gas and fluid flow rates, fluid levels, pressure, and pH in production and manufacturing settings. These instrumentation and process control products include flow, pressure & level sensors, detectors and analyzers, controllers, monitoring systems, and much more.

Engineers use sensors and various other types of instrumentation to monitor and maintain process control equipment for improved production, product consistency and quality management, and workplace safety in manufacturing and processing facilities. Process control instrumentation is also critical for preventing fire or explosion in facilities that store or process oil, gas, chemicals and other combustible substances.

There are numerous industries that utilize process control equipment and instrumentation, including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Food & beverage
  • Marine
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Water/Waste Water
  • And several others

Instrumentation and Process Control Products from Leading Manufacturers

Branom Instrument Co. maintains a huge, on-demand inventory of process control equipment and monitoring instrumentation. As leading industrial control distributors, we stock high quality, high-performance products from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, from Warrick level controls to Krohne flowmeters to Watlow heaters and more.

What Type of Instrumentation Do You Need?

We have the right process instrumentation for nearly any application, from gas analytics to automation to pressure monitoring. Follow the links below to find instrumentation and process control equipment for your application. If you’re not sure which product you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will help you select the most effective industrial instrumentation products for your purposes.

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Process Control Instruments for Industrial Applications

Automation Products

Automation instrumentation products are used to streamline automated manufacturing processes and improve workplace safety. We offer various types of instrumentation including encoders, machine safety monitoring products, signal conditioners, e-stops, HMI displays, on/off sensors, and more.

Flow Products

Industrial flow instrumentation includes a range of devices that are used to measure the movement of gas and fluids through pipes and other channels. This type of instrumentation includes mechanical flow meters, pressure-based meters, thermal mass flow meters, magnetic flow meters, Coriolis meters, and more. Our flow monitoring instrumentation comes from leading manufacturers and includes a diverse range of offerings to accommodate a wide range of industry applications.

Gas Analytics Products

Industrial gas monitoring products are a critical piece of equipment for industries including mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical where there is an increased risk of gas leaks, explosions or other catastrophic events. Branom offers a diverse line of gas analytics products including multi-gas analyzers, flame detection sensors, toxic gas detectors, ambient air monitoring systems, and much more.

Level Instrumentation Products

Level instrumentation and process control products from Branom include continuous level and point level instrumentation solutions for monitoring dry and liquid levels in tanks, vessels, and silos. We offer a variety of level instrumentation products including hydrostatic pressure transmitters, ultrasonic sensors, guided & through air radar, rotating paddle switches, mechanical floats, and several others.

Liquid Analytics Products

Liquid analytics process instrumentation is used for testing and monitoring the concentration of chemicals and other contaminants present in liquids. We offer a range of in-stock liquid level control devices from leading manufacturers for process liquid testing and monitoring of fluids in waste treatment facilities.   

Pressure Products

Pressure monitoring products measure and display the units of force on a surface area and are used for safety and quality control in applications involving pressurized liquids, steam, and gas. This process control equipment is widely used across industries ranging from food and beverage production to chemical plants and includes a variety of analog and digital gauges, pressure switches, transmitters, and transducers.

Temperature Products

Industrial temperature monitoring products include controllers, heaters, thermal imaging, and infrared pyrometers used to measure, monitor and control temperature. Temperature monitoring instruments are used for critical applications where temperatures can easily fluctuate and for maintaining temperatures to prevent equipment damage or failure.

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