Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges measure gas and liquid pressure and are available in analog and digital styles. These gauges are typically used in pressure and vacuum applications, including testing, laboratory, process control, and manufacturing.

  • Analog (dial) pressure gauges operate mechanically and provide easy-to-read measurements of pressure and vacuum variations. Differential pressure gauges may also fall under the analog gauge category. Dial gauges work best in general and static applications and may not be suited for harsh operating environments.  
  • Digital pressure gauges feature a robust construction that handles mechanical vibration and is easy to read, especially in dim environments. These gauges provide more precise readings and are best for applications requiring a higher level of accuracy.  

Pressure Measurement Gauges  

Branom Instrument Co. works with leading industry manufacturers to help you find the right pressure gauges for your application. We stock a wide variety of pressure gauge models for immediate shipping, including options from WIKANOSHOK, MarshWinters, WekslerOrange ResearchMid-West, and Cecomp. If the item you need isn’t in our inventory, we’ll source it for you.

Dial Indicating Pressure Gauges 

Dial indicating or analog pressure gauges have a needle that is calibrated to respond to fluctuations that occur within a specified parameter. They are often installed to have direct contact with a liquid or gas and provide local readings based on changes in pressure or vacuum.

Analog pressure gauges are best for operating conditions where there is minimal vibration to ensure accuracy and require adequate lighting to read the gauge. We stock dial indicating pressure gauges from WIKA, NOSHOK, Marsh, Winters, and Weksler.

Differential Pressure Gauges

Differential pressure gauges measure and indicate the difference between two pressure points on a single dial. These gauges are typically used to monitor filtration equipment.  

The benefits of using differential pressure gauges include improved process efficiency and reduced operator errors. They feature an easy to read dial that displays measurement in PSI, inches of water or engineering units of flow or level. Our inventory includes differential pressure gauges from Orange Research, WIKA, NOSHOK, and Mid-West

Digital Pressure Gauges 

Digital pressure gauges are an electronic form of pressure instrumentation that delivers fast and precise readings on a backlit display. These gauges often offer the versatility of displaying readings in different international measurements. Digital pressure gauges maintain accuracy under high vibration and can be used with multiple instrumentation pressure units, eliminating the need for separate pressure gauges.  We carry digital pressure gauges from Cecomp, WIKA, and NOSHOK.

Let's Discuss Pressure Gauges

Branom is an authorized distributor and manufacturer’s rep for many of the industry’s leading instrumentation manufacturers. We keep an extensive inventory of pressure gauges and other instrumentation to serve customers from markets like aerospace, water/wastewater, marine, semiconductor, and others.

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