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Flow measurement involves determining the level of movement as a fluid or gas passes through a pipe or channel. There are two forms of measurement typically used: volume and mass. Flow volume is determined by calculating the volume of a gas or liquid that flows within a specific time interval. Mass flow is calculated by determining the mass quantity (or, amount of matter) that flows within a specific time interval. The type of fluid or gas involved, as well as quantity and flow rates, are also considered when determining a flow measurement process.

Various devices are used to measure mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas including mechanical flow meters, pressure-based meters, variable area meters, thermal mass flow meters, and more. A combination of one or more devices may also be used as part of a flow measurement process. 

Flow instrumentation is used to measure everything from the water and gas usage in your home to monitoring flow and pressure rates in large-scale industrial operations. Industries that utilize flow measurement and instrumentation include gas, power, oil, chemical, food production, waste treatment facilities and water treatment facilities.

Selecting Flow Instrumentation Based on Your Application Requirements

The type of equipment needed for your flow measurement process depends on the type of application and requirements such as: minimum and maximum flow rates, the size of meter needed, and material compatibility with your operating environment. The rate of flow measurement you need or prefer for your application is also important. 

Flow measurement rates for gases can be based on:

  • Actual cubic meters per hour
  • Standard cubic meters per second
  • Thousand standard cubic meters per second
  • Linear feet per minute
  • Million standard cubic feet per day

Measuring the flow rate of liquids can include:

  • Gallons per minute
  • Liters per second
  • Bushels per minute
  • Cubic meters per second
  • Acre-feet per day

While the volume of a liquid typically does not change under different conditions, gases can change volume when exposed to different temperatures or placed under pressure. For gases, it may be more beneficial to utilize flow instrumentation that measures the mass flow rate, which remains the same regardless of temperature or pressure.

Because no single control or monitoring technology works for every flow application, Branom Instrument Co. provides a large selection of flow control and monitoring products. We offer instrumentation and equipment for magnetic flow, Coriolis flow, vortex flow, ultrasonic flow, and other flow measurement processes. 

Flow Instrumentation Products from the Industry’s Top Manufacturers

Branom Instrument offers a wide variety of flow instrumentation products, including mechanical flow switches, thermal flow switches, primary elements, positive displacement flow meters, and more from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers including Dwyer, Eldridge Products, Inc., Gems Sensors and Controls, Krohne, and countless others. 

We provide a full source of flow measurement devices to meet a wide range of industry applications, including:

  • Coriolis Flow
  • Magnetic Flow
  • Mechanical Flow Switches
  • Open Channel Flow
  • Orifice Plate
  • Positive Displacement Flow
  • Sonic Velocity/Concentration Measurement
  • Thermal Mass Flow
  • Ultrasonic Clamp On Flow
  • Venturi Tube
  • Vortex Flow
  • and more

Flow Measurement Startup, Programming & Services

Performing regular calibration and maintenance on flow measurement devices is crucial for keeping your flow control equipment and systems online. We offer service and onsite calibration for flow control and monitoring instrumentation in the field, as well as startup and programming assistance for new equipment. NIST certificates of calibration are also offered upon request for most services.

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