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KROHNE is a full-service provider for process measuring technology for the measurement of flow, mass flow, level, pressure and temperature as well as analytical tasks. KROHNE stands for innovation and maximum product quality and is one of the market leaders in industrial process measuring technology.

Flow Measurement

KROHNE has unique expertise when it comes to flow measurement. Their products begin with research development and were developed in cooperation with their customers.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Krohne is the founder and world market leader in electromagnetic flowmeter technology for more than 45 years. The OPTIFLUX product line is a converter for all applications. It has rugged construction with a wide variety of sizes and multivariable measurement


Mass Flowmeters

The Optimass line of Corilois meters provide unique and a wide selection of flow measurement solutions. The multivariable instrument features include mass and volume flow, density and temperature. It has advanced diagnostics which not only monitors the device itself but also the process environment.


Ultrasonic Flowmeters

KROHNE ultrasonic flowmeters measure a wide range of media from liquid to gaseous, aggressive or corrosive. The Optisonic line is a multi-purpose, all-round, ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids in all industrial processes.


Level Measurement

Krohne Level Measurement devices are known for their high accuracy and reliability, even in difficult applications.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

The OPTISOUND line offers affordable ultrasonic level transmitters that can measures levels in basins, containers and tanks without contact. OPTISOUND also lends itself to being used in the inlet of the system where the flow in open channels can be determined indirectly via the height.


Non-contact Level Transmitters

The OPTIWAVE line offers level transmitters for liquids in basic process applications. It’s especially designed for continuous, non-contact level measurement. These transmitters provide accurate readings even in processes with fast changing levels, in closed tanks or in the open air. They can be used in hazardous areas and come with extensive device diagnostics.


Contact Level Transmitter

The Optiflex line of products are guided radar level meters. They are easy to set up and a cost-effective solution for continuous level measurement of liquids and solids.


Pressure Measurement

OPTIBAR range of pressure transmitters are high performance pressure transmitters that can be tailored to a wide variety of industrial process applications.

Pressure Transmitters

The OPTIBAR series offers process pressure, hydrostatic pressure and differential pressure applications for complete measuring points for flow, level or process pressure applications. These include pressure transmitters with ceramic or metallic measuring cells, differential pressure transmitter with integrated absolute pressure measurement and high overload resistance


Diaphragm Seals

The OPTIBAR diagram seals are used for pressure, density and level measurement, especially for high process temperatures of up to 400 °C/752 °F, for corrosive media, or in conjunction with different hygienic and pharmaceutical process connections.


Analysis Instruments

Krohne SMARTPAT, OPTISENS and OPTISYS range of analytical devices and systems are sturdy and reliable for a wide range of industries including chemical, power, municipality and industrial wastewater applications as well as water treatment processes or inline analysis in hygienic applications.


SMARTPAT pH and ORP sensors are available in a wide range of body styles with different membrane glasses and diaphragm materials. Additionally, there are versions with Ex approvals (zone 0) and hygienic versions available. They perform not only in measuring pure water in power plant cooling water systems but also in harsher environments like various chemical applications and industrial wastewater treatment plants.


Turbidity/Suspended Solids

Turbidity measurement is widely used in drinking water and wastewater applications for filter monitoring and quality control of water in waste water plants. The OPTISENS TUR 2000 has a turbidity sensor witha standardized robust design for open channel measurement and a long lifespan.



The measurement of conductive conductivity is used in many applications and is the second most important parameter in analytic measurements after pH. The SMARTPAT COND sensors can be directly connected to any common process control system using industry standard communication so they are easy to integrate into any plant infrastructure


Free Chlorine|Chlorine Dioxide|Ozone

The OPTISYS CL 1100 is a complete pre-wired and tested chlorine measuring system including all the necessary components for measurement and compensation. This ensures a quick and cost-effective installation with easy handling.



The MAC 100 is a Multiparameter converter for liquid analytical measurements and has a standardized operating concept. It offers quick commissioning, reduced training times and standardization of your hardware to simplify the operating process and reduce your costs.


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