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Handheld test tools and equipment offer a convenient solution for testing application in your facility or at remote locations. Industries ranging from medical testing to commercial building rely on these devices to monitor, measure, and analyze mechanical performance, air quality, temperature, and more. Testing devices and equipment are also critical maintaining compliance with workplace safety standards.

Portable Testing Devices from the Brands You Trust

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor offering handheld test devices from several of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including Fluke, AEMC, Simpson, and Shimpo. Using our industry expertise, we source handheld test equipment designed for durability and high accuracy under a variety of operating conditions.

Our team is here to help you select the best option for your application and provide support after your purchase arrives. Learn more about our available handheld devices below or send us a message to discuss your requirements.


Electrical Test Tools

Electrical test tools provide a convenient way to measure voltage and current using contact and non-contact methods. We supply a vast selection of handheld electrical test devices, including cable testers, current probes, digital multimeters, megohmmeters, oscilloscopes, and much more.

Mechanical Test Equipment

These devices check and test torque, pulses, and movement in your testing tools and mechanical equipment. Select from tachometers, torque testers, and meters in handheld and panel mount models to meet your testing needs.

Environmental Testing Devices 

Measure and monitor environmental conditions such as lighting, air particle count, temperature, and humidity with highly accurate testers from trusted brands. Our offering includes lightmeters, thermocouple thermometers, RTD thermometers, air quality testers, and sound level meters. Select models feature data logging.


Monitor speed and revolution in all your rotating and moving parts with handheld stroboscopes. These non-contact test devices handle a range of operating conditions and come in battery-powered and AC-powered styles, with flash or LED lighting.

Thermal Imaging Cameras 

Non-contact thermal imaging cameras provide a safe way to test electrical wiring and monitor automated processes. We offer mountable and portable devices designed for accuracy, so you can catch issues before they cause safety issues or disrupt your operation. Select from mounted and handheld thermal imaging devices.

Technical Service and Support When You Need It

We’re here to help with your handheld test equipment, including setup, calibration, troubleshooting, and repair. Send your product in for service or request an on-site visit if you’re in the Seattle area. Our team also offers support over the phone or via email for general setup and troubleshooting questions.

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As a leading supplier of process and automation instrumentation in the Pacific Northwest, you can count on Branom for all your testing devices and equipment. We stock a variety of products and work quickly to source any other devices you need.

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