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Electrical Test Tools

Electricians and facility maintenance technicians use electrical test tools to identify potential safety issues and perform the required testing. Handheld electrical test devices provide a non-contact solution for high-voltage applications or situations where there is a concern for operator safety.

Manage Your Power Applications with Handheld Electrical Test Equipment

Branom Instrument Co. provides electrical test devices from manufacturers with a reputation for quality. We offer a broad range of test devices from Fluke, AEMC, and Simpson to meet all your testing needs. Our dedicated staff is here to guide you through the selection process and offer technical assistance and product support as needed.

We supply the following electrical testing solutions:

  • Cable Testers: These devices test several basic cable functions, including identifying faults and locating opens and shorts. Features include a simple data display and push-button functionality. Ideal for use with any cables, including power, electric, and telecommunications.
  • Clamp-On Meters: Use these devices to perform diode checks and measure parameters such as frequency, resistance, continuity, TRMS, AAC, ADC, and V Select from several IP54 rated models.
  • Current Probes: Designed to clamp around electrical conductors, these devices come in a variety of configurations to measure electrical currents in AC and DC applications.
  • Data Loggers: Automatically monitor and record data for pressure, pH, temperature, humidity, and more with data loggers. These compact devices are easy to set up and come in single, dual, four, and eight channel models.
  • Decade Boxes: Verify electrical test equipment accuracy and troubleshoot circuits. Configurable decade boxes come in resistance and capacitance models for testing and calibration applications.
  • Digital Multimeters: Use these electrical test tools to measure voltage, current, and/or resistance. Unlike single test meters, digital multimeters allow you to test two or more electrical values, eliminating the need for multiple devices. We offer several models to meet your needs.
  • Ground Resistance Testers: Select from clamp-on style and tower testers designed to measure ground resistance accurately and without disconnecting your ground system or overhead ground wires.
  • High Voltage Test Equipment: Non-contact testers detect high voltages indoors and outdoors while keeping you safe. These lightweight electrical test devices emit audible and visual signals in the presence of live voltage.
  • Megohmmeters: Also known as insulation resistance testers or meggers, these devices test the condition of electrical insulation. Select from hand-cranked and automated styles to meet any testing requirements.
  • Micro-Ohmmeters: Diagnose electrical wiring problems with a device designed to measure extremely low electrical resistance values with precision.
  • Phase Rotation Meters
  • Transformer Ratiometers: These portable testing systems set up easily and require no calibration. Test VT/PTs, power transformers, and current transformers quickly and accurately.
  • Multi-Function Installation Tester: Designed for insulation resistance monitoring, these easy-to-use handheld test devices are an essential tool for electrical quality control.
  • Oscilloscopes: Get exact voltage rate readings with multi-functional, operator-friendly devices providing true channel to channel isolation.
  • Power Analyzers and Energy Loggers: An ideal solution for electrical and maintenance applications, these devices help you detect and prevent energy waste and other costly power issues.

Find the Right Device for Your Electrical Testing Application

We work with manufacturers across the U.S. and beyond to offer high-quality testing devices for your electrical applications. Or dedicated team is here to provide guidance as needed and ensure you find the best option for your specific needs.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements for electrical test tools.

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