Absolute Process Instruments (API)

Absolute Process Instruments (API) designs and manufactures both standard and custom signal conditioners, signal isolators and industrial signal transmitters, made in the United States. The API-Camille Bauer Division’s imports products from Australia and Europe to complete the API product line.

API’s products include both finished products and subassemblies for temperature measurement and control, vacuum/pressure measurement and control, motion control, flow measurement and control, DC/AC/servo motor drives, data logging, signal processing, and measurement. These products are used across a diverse range of industries including machinery manufacturers, automotive, dairy and factory automation and process control. API has the capabilities to do all microprocessor programming, circuit design, printed circuit board layout, software, prototype assembly, qualification testing and documentation allowing full turnkey design and manufacturing to a wide variety of industrial OEM markets.

Branom Instrument Co. proudly distributes the following API products:

  • Signal Conditioners
  • Electronic Trips
  • Camille Bauer Transducers
  • Power Monitors
  • and more