Absolute Process Instruments (API)


Absolute Process Instruments is a USA manufacturer of signal conditioning products used to convert process inputs to an industrial voltage or current signal including:

  • Signal isolators for ground loop isolation
  • Process signal transmitters
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Process alarms
  • Strain gauge amplifiers
  • Signal splitters
  • Square root extractors for flow measurement
  • Math modules
  • Valve position controllers
  • Custom products and circuit boards for process measurement and monitoring

API Imported Products

  • Camille Bauer Sineax signal conditioners
  • Camille Bauer Sineax power monitoring products
  • Camille Bauer Kinax rotary position sensors
  • Seneca signal conditioners
  • Seneca Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP products
  • Seneca current sensors
  • APCS specialty signal conditioners

These products are used across a diverse range of industries including machinery manufacturing, automotive, dairy and factory automation and process industries.

Branom Instrument Co. proudly distributes the following API products:

  • Signal Conditioners, Isolators, and Converters
  • Signal Transmitters
  • Process Alarm Trips
  • Camille Bauer Sineax Transducers and Power Monitors
  • Camille Bauer Kinax Rotary Position Transducers
  • Seneca Signal Conditioners

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