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Infrared Pyrometers

Infrared pyrometers measure temperature by reading the thermal radiation on the surface of an object. This non-contact technology allows operators to measure surface temperature from a distance, which is ideal for hard-to-reach equipment and harsh environments involving hazardous substances.

Some of the typical process monitoring applications for infrared pyrometers include:

  • Ceramics and glass container Production
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Facilities
  • Metal Refineries
  • Power Plants
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Electrical system monitoring and troubleshooting

Pyrometers provide flexibility without sacrificing accurate and consistent temperature monitoring and control that many industrial applications require. Use infrared thermometers throughout your facility or in the field to manage the operation of small and large equipment.

Non-Contact Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Branom Instrument Co. is a trusted distributor of infrared pyrometers and other temperature instrumentation from leading manufacturers. We offer an extensive inventory of products and work with you to source the temperature monitoring solutions your application requires. Our inventory includes infrared pyrometers from Fluke, including:

  • Handheld Pyrometers: A portable solution that is ideal for high-temperature applications. Equipped to transfer data to desktop computers or mobile devices
  • Spot Pyrometers: A stationary solution designed for measuring the surface of kilns, furnaces, and other large equipment. These instruments provide continuous visual temperature monitoring and come in several styles to meet your needs.

Contact Branom for Your Thermal Management Needs

Our impressive inventory of temperature instrumentation includes infrared thermometers and other measurement and monitoring solutions in the style you need. We also provide Technical Service including troubleshooting, repair, and calibration to keep all your instrumentation in top operating condition.

Contact us to discuss our infrared pyrometer options. 

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