Automatic Timing and Controls (ATC)


A division of Marsh Bellofram Automatic Timing and Controls (ATC) manufactures superior industrial timing and control instrumentation engineered to maintain reliable performance in even the toughest environments.

Branom Instrument Co. proudly distributes the following Automatic Timing & Controls products:


  • Percentage Timers
  • Solid-State Cube Timers
  • Cam Timers
  • Repeat Cycle Timers
  • 1/16 Din Timers
  • Weekly Timer
  • Time Delay Relays
  • Panel Mounted Digital Timers
  • DIN Rail Timers
  • TC/PID Controller


  • High-Speed Counter
  • Digital Counter
  • Multifunction Timer-Counter


  • Plug-in Relays

  • Inputs Solid-State Relays