Arbiter Backflow Test Kit

Backflow prevention assemblies require testing after installation and on an annual basis to ensure proper function. Testing backflow assemblies can be a messy and time-consuming task, but there are solutions available to help you save time and increase the efficiency of your testing process.

A Faster and Reliable Mechanical Backflow Test Kit

Save time and test more backflow assemblies with the Mako digital backflow test kit from Arbiter. The Mako is a digital alternative to traditional mechanical backflow test kits that features an easy-to-read, highly visible backlit display. With the convenience of a backlit display, you’ll never have to guess at readings again, regardless of whether you’re working in dark or bright conditions.

The Mako’s capture button allows you to save valve readings, meaning you’ll never lose a reading when a customer calls. Its ergonomic soft rubber over-molding makes the backflow test kit easy to handle and grasp even in wet conditions, and its metal and nylon swivel hooks allow for easy hanging. The Mako backflow test kit’s hoses are all custom-made and more flexible than standard hoses for easy manipulation in tight spaces.

Branom Instrument Co. is proud to sell and service the Mako by Arbiter. Contact us to learn more or to schedule service.

Digital Backflow Test Kit Features

  • Capture Value Function
  • Large Text Backlit Display
  • Ergonomic Easy Grip Design
  • Rubberized Non-slip Knobs
  • Custom-made Flexible Hoses
  • High-Grade 40-Micron Filter
  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • 4-month Battery Life with Daily Use
  • Swivel Hook

Branom Instrument Co. proudly distributes the following Arbiter Products:

  • Mako MK5 Backflow Test Kit
  • Mako MK3 Backflow Test Kit
  • Mako MK2 Backflow Test Kit

Learn More About the Arbiter Backflow Test Kit

Branom Instrument Co. provides calibration, certification and full repairs for the Mako digital test kit. View the videos below or visit our  Technical Service Backflow Test Kit  page for more information

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