Chemiquip has been providing corrosion-resistant porous metal pressure snubbers since 1953. Protecting instruments used in industrial and military applications from the harmful effects of pneumatic and hydraulic shock by smoothing out pressure impulses. Chemiquip’s test products before they reach customers to assure reliable and long-lasting results.

Branom Instrument Co. proudly distributes the following Chemiquip products:

  • Porous Metal Snubbers/Pulsation Dampener
  • Sealed System Diaphragm Seals
  • Bite Type (Pressure Type Snubbers)
  • Diaphragm Seals
  • Pressure Snubbers
  • Pressure Limiting Valves (PLV)
  • Excess Flow Check Valves (EFCV)
  • Float Check Valves (FCV)
  • Tep Tape
  • and more