Tescom is a division of the Emerson Company. They provide  automation  solutions and electronic  pressure  controls for both commercial residential environments. Tescom’s focus is to deliver a wide range of advanced quality standard and custom-engineered precision  pressure  control solutions to the world at large. Tescom products serve numerous industries, including:

Through their commercial and residential solutions, Tescom is dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives throughout the world. Tescom products enhance human comfort while providing energy efficiency. Their products also protect food quality from start to finish. With added automation solutions Tescom products also strengthen municipal and medical infrastructures for sustainable health and safety.

Branom Instrument Co. proudly distributes the following Tescom products:

  • Electronic Pressure Controls
  • Measurement Instrumentation
  • Flow & Level Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Liquid & Gas Analysis
  • Tank Gauging