Shimpo Instruments (a division of Nidec-Shimpo America Corporation) has been manufacturing handheld digital tachometers since the 1970s. They continue to develop new and innovative instruments for measuring/monitoring speed, torque, force, and inspection instrumentation used in the printing, medical, textile, automation, and manufacturing sectors. Their handheld tachometers and stroboscopes are expertly designed for motor, fan speed, conveyor, and length measurement applications.

 Branom Instrument Co. proudly distributes the following Shimpo products:

  • Tachometers
  • Laser Tachometers
  • Handheld Tachometers
  • Panel Meter Tachometers
  • Panel Meter Counters
  • Torque Meters
  • Magnetic Pick-Up Sensors
  • Digital Force Gauges
  • Mechanical Force Gauges
  • Stroboscopes
  • and more