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#Universal Robots

Hi Mike - Walter and I were discussing if there was a way to easily respond to the discuss app (like to actually have a discussion) but the only thing I could find is to create a new message and use the # you created.

by Rick Kendall - 09:33 - 25 Mar 2019


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    Hi Rick,


    Great question.  When creating a Channel in the Discuss App, you setup the channel with its own email alias.  Which I did in this case:  [email protected]   You will note that the email messages you are receiving are from that email alias.  Hence, you can just hit reply and send an email back to everyone.  That is exactly what I am doing in this case.  Please take the time to delete the previous emails information or else it will unnecessarily clutter the channel.  A


    Mike Lauer

    by Mike Lauer - 09:55 - 25 Mar 2019